Post Periodontal Treatment Instructions

Initial Care

The care of the area of the surgery is very critical for the first 2-3 days. The gum tissue that has been altered and moved is very delicate and any disturbance in this time may prevent the proper type of healing.


The dressing must stay in place for the week following the surgery. If it comes loose, particularly in the first 3 days, call the office immediately. Try to push it gently back to place if it has dislodged but avoid handling it too much.


The stitches under the dressing will be removed in 1 week. If they are near the edge of the dressing, or in the open area beyond, they may fall out on their own sooner, but they must remain in for at least 3 days. Again, call the office if there is any problem.

Diet & Function

Stay on a soft diet and avoid biting in the area of the surgery. Brush the other areas of the mouth normally but use very little toothpaste so rinsing and spitting can be done gently. Often, you will be using a prescription rinse twice a day to help keep everything clean.