How Lucky We Are

April 28, 2023

By Dr. Fass

As with all health care areas, the field of dentistry is changing. No doubt you have seen advertisements by large dental clinics, often national chains on television as well as internet and social media sites. Quite a change from our early days when medical and dental advertising was limited by laws.

We’ve been advertising and running a column in the Enterprise for decades now, 44 years in practice. It’s truly remarkable to have this forum to reach our local area and help educate and inform in our area of expertise. As with all areas of health care, information and education helps our patients make the best dental decisions for their care and the care of their families. We try to keep our columns timely and directed at the dental knowledge that readers might need.

In order to maintain our licenses, the State of New York requires continuing education credits for all dental health providers. Dentists and dental hygienists take courses each year to stay current in modern technologies, materials and treatments. In fact, Dr. G.V. Black, the father of modern dentistry in America, stated that it is the duty of all dentists to be “Perpetual students.” We not only enjoy staying up to date, we also enjoy passing this information on to our community and having newer and better options for treatment available to our patients.

If your group would like a presentation on some facet of dentistry, we are available for presentations. Over the years we’ve done dental programs for general information, as well as presentations aimed at specific support groups for certain medical conditions. If your student is considering a career in the dental field, we have had numerous young folks shadow us and get a chance to see a dental office from our side. We’ve even had some who went on to become dentists.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to run our informational ads, support our local organizations and activities, and appreciate what a great community we have in Altamont and the surrounding towns. We will also continue to appreciate what a terrific resource the Altamont Enterprise is for our small village.

This article was published on 04-28-2023 in The Altamont Enterprise.