Changing Faces Without Braces

May 28, 2021

Straightening children teeth has become very common in this country.  A nice smile has been shown to be an advantage in both personal and business environments and early orthodontics is the most effective way of attaining that winning smile.

A variety of methods can move teeth into proper position.  The most common system involves the familiar brackets and wires of traditional orthodontics.  But other appliances are available.  About the least intrusive of these is the Occlus-o-guide®.  Classified as a functional appliance, it relies on the child’s own function to provide the force to move teeth.  The actual device looks like a boxers mouth guard with grooves for both upper and lower teeth.  It is worn for 4 hours a day actively and all night passively and will generally get results faster than common braces.  The cases usually last under a year and cost much less than traditional treatment.

Since the Occlus-o-guide® is removable, it requires patient cooperation.  If not worn properly or long enough, the results will not be predictable.  And while they can be worn while reading, watching TV, working on a computer, or even playing sports, they must be removed for speaking, playing a musical instrument with a mouthpiece, and eating.

The Occlus-o-guide® relies on growth guidance and so is best suited to kids in the high growth period around ages 9-11 as the last baby teeth are being lost.  It can only correct certain types of problems so not all kids are candidates.  But for those who are and will use it correctly, the results are quick, inexpensive, and startling.  Imagine getting that winning smile without wearing braces.

It’s important for the dentist to monitor the growth of your child to time the start of treatment properly.  For the optimum result, and best cooperation it is critical to have the right combination of factors.  The diagnosis requires nothing more than a few measurements and maybe an x-ray to see developing teeth and roots.